G1 Video Games Rental Inc. began in Philippines in early 1990’s as direct trader of electronic game machines, spare parts and game boards from different countries such as Hongkong, Japan, Taiwan and Korea. In the past several years, company has constantly increased revenue which was decided to establish mini-game center/ PLAYZONE as first step and created larger business in gaming industry by producing marketable game and also collaborated to support some local companies nationwide. Now as a leading company focused on rental operation and trading, more than a decade in gaming industry is testaments to an unparalleled commitment to excellence with integrity and passion.


We have operational satellites located in some areas in the Philippines.  We have varieties of games from single game, multigame, console game and dedicated games.  Also we have our highly trained technicians to guarantee to assist and help you.


Our sevices is 100% satisfaction-guarantee.

G1 VGR sets itself a part of technical facilities that may offer services wherein the client’s or customers will certainly have the quality assurance of the unit or product to be purchased. Also we have our services machine rentals, selling of machines, game boards spare parts and provide outsourcing service for technical repair of machine and gaming center, great quality product, competitive pricing and level of professionalism. We carry the most competitive items with highest quality in the market. Thus, we take pride in providing top quality gaming product and always ensure that the product & services fit the voice of our client/s or customer/s.






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