G1 Video Games Rental FAQ
Rental Zone

How can I rent a video game machines or how to become an operator?

How many video games machine can I rent at once?
What info is required in order to rent?


Technical Support

Whom do I contact incase of error on my video game machine?
How often will I need to have my video game serviced or repaired ?
Just how big is video game? Will it fit through a my doorway?
Do I need to use coins or tokens to play my  video game?


Product Selling & Service Process      
How does your billing process work?
If I will buy unit of machine, how long is the leading time to finish my order?
Do you sell spare parts and game boards?
What types of payment does G1 VGR accept?
Are there any other costs besides the price of the game and shipping?
How can I buy stock?
Do you have catalogue you can send me?
Do you offer discounts on multiple game orders?


Old Products