In Gaming Business since 1990, G1 Video Games has grown for a small trading business in Printed Circuit Board (PCB) for video games through a Korean businessman who started his operations on September 01, 1993 as trader. During his frequent visit in Hong Kong, he had found out that majority of the Filipino people engaged in the amusement arcade. With those information and knowledge, he had decided to establish PLAYZONE, with its primary objective of making available PCB requirements of video game owners locally in the Philippines.


Luckily, within a short period of time, G1 VGR was able to penetrate the market and became one of the leading suppliers of PCB in the Philippines. G1 VGR has maintained to be a regular supplier of almost all leading companies in the field of video games arcade. To keep our status as a local supplier of PCB to customers, we have specialized in the operation of medium size arcades so far.


Our earlier successes paved way for the venture into street operation in 2001. From then on, with continous effort to improve technical knowledge and diversified products, we have captured and set standard for the industry. More than a decade experience of gaming in the Philippines has made us strong and confident to reach further. 


Truly, we are committed to MAKE THE BEST GAMING IN THE COUNTRY




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