G1 VGR 7 Pillars Code of Conduct



1. Honor

To live up guided by good moral principles. To be just and fair no matter what happened. 

Sharing your wisdom to others for their personal development and guidance. 

Accepting your mistake/s with the courage to correct it. 

Rendering your best service efficiently and effectively for the company and its stakeholders. 

Commitment to preserve and protect self and company’s dignity together with its stakeholders.


2. Loyalty

Employees pledge to be dedicated, reliable, and honorable employee of G1 VGR. G1 VGR pledges to support and provide for his inhabitants their needs and request as long as G1 VGR can give. Commitment for both parties to stay together to achieve their goal and even more. 


3. Responsibility

Commitment to duty, including assigned dutiesand those for which one volunteers. 

Having an ownership mind in doing one’s job and in handling company assets. 

Personal accountability to do the right thing. Taking appropriate action against  wrongdoing , despite peer pressure, fear, or compassion. 

A commitment to independent thought. Commitment to self development and involvement to the company’s growth. Coming to work on time, contributing to targets and deadlines, and work 


4. Honesty

A pledge to work with honesty and integrity.


5. Respect

A pledge to be a broadminded person for others views, values and having high concern for one's own well-being. A pledge to respectful behavior. Willingness to follow the company rules and regulations


6. Trust

A belief that others will act in a forthright manner. Reliance on the integrity, ability, and character of others. Reliance that company and employees will give justice in their decision making and in performing their job. Mutual understanding between the company and its employees to support both parties’ needs. Reliance that company will maintain fairness and orderliness, and employees will abide by and respect the company by-laws. 


7. Confidentiality

Pledge to respect, preserve, and protect the privacy of the company and every employee.



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